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Nellie McKay 'Threatens' The Intoxicated At SXSW

Haha, I love this story (courtesy of Bitchfork) of Nellie's 2am set last night at one of the Blender magazine after-after-parties:

Nellie's considerable talent was wasted at this gathering of cantankerous, drunken insiders, and Nellie knew it. But she tried to have fun with the unfavorable situation nonetheless, hauling a big book of jazz standards and some sheet music onstage and peppering a set of mostly pre-WWII fare and showtunes with a few of her own-- including the twee-as-fuck "Pounce", the closest anything came to a crowd-pleaser. Extra credit to Nellie for veiling a threat aimed at chatties in the back in the same cutesy tone she uses for every other proclamation.

Way to go, Nellie! And a fantastic outfit to boot! Nellie will be back in NYC at Carnegie Hall on 4/27. Something tells me that the crowd will be a lot more civilized on 57th St.

MP3: Nellie McKay - Real Life

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow- for someone who hates pitchfork, you sure do read it a lot.

12:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Click on the link above, around 7:30 p.m. Tuesday (that's tonight), and you can listen to a live Web cast of Nellie McKay performing at the Alexandria, Virginia's Birchmere music hall.

We would love for you folks to join our chat as well. Just visit the page and you'll see a link to our chat. You'll need AOL Instant Messenger or some other IM/chat client.


Paul de Revere
All Songs Considered

2:40 PM  

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