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Morrissey Just Wants To See The Boy Happy

And we want to see him happy!

Moz just released his final single from Ringleader Of The Tormentors, 'I Just Want To See The Boy Happy'. The single charted fairly nicely (#16) on the UK charts this past week. However, sales for Ringleader have been more than disappointing. In the US and in the UK alike, Ringleader has sold about 1/3 the # of copies of 2004's comeback LP You Are The Quarry.

Perhaps this is reason Mozzer never came to NY on his recent tour (or anywhere in the US outside of Chicago for that matter)? We can only hope he visits the Big Apple his next go-round, whenever that is.

However, let's not cry for too long; with 'Happy', Morrissey just earned his FOURTY-FIFTH UK Top 40 hit. Take that, Mariah! He also just played a near-sold out show last week at Wembley which included Smiths classics 'How Soon Is Now?', 'Girlfriend In A Coma' and the set-opening 'Panic'! Wish I could've been there.

MP3: Morrissey - America Is Not The World



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gotta love him *

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