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The Chalets, Art Brut 47 (We Are Scientists), Art Brut @ Knitting Factory 5/18: I Saw Eddie Naked....TWICE

From top to bottom, last night's show was outstanding.

First up were The Chalets from Ireland. They fit into the same vein of kitchy rock as Art Brut. Their schtick being their lead singers- two girls in 50's style dresses and heels doing light choreography. It's almost too adorable for words. The group has two male singers as well, one on bass and one of guitar. The back and forth between the guys and girls is well done, like a rocked out 'Summer Lovin.' I've been saying for the past few months how everything seems to sounds the same recently, so I was really pleased to actually leave the show of a new group and want to buy their cd.

Next up were We Are Scientists. You've all already read plenty of bloggers commenting about the group not covering any Art Brut songs, personally, I didn't mind. It's been a fair while since I've seen WAS so I was just excited to hear all the old tracks. Though yeah, it would have been cool to hear them sing one Art Brut cover. Despite my rapture for seeing WAS, my attention was incredibly distracted. In front of me at the stage were a group of girls, who looked like they were in high school but were drinking beer, screaming, taking millions of up close pictures of Keith, talking, hugging and throwing up the rock sign. I swear I wanted to drag them all out by their hair. It's cool that they were so into a really good band but seriously, have a little respect for the group you are there to see and the people around you. Perhaps I should write a guide for being a good concert go-er.

Ok, I digress. But no need to say how good WAS, erm, was. Their transitions were great, smoothly going into song after song and pausing every couple for the patented We Are Scientists banter.

Art Brut 47 (We Are Scientists) setlist:
Lousy Reputation
Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt
Can't Lose
It's A Hit
Worth The Wait
Cash Cow
This Scene is Dead
The Great Escape

They brought down the house, along with The Chalets and Art Brut onstage, for their final song 'The Great Escape.' All night was one big love fest between the bands performing. It made me jealous, I wanted to hang out!

I was going to title this blog: My New Favourite Band because Art Brut made me fall in love with them so hard last night. I have a bunch of their songs, and really like them, but live is a whole 'nother story.

Despite the weird mustache and little pot belly, lead man Eddie is damn sexy. I was such a sucker for the dramatic stage antics. And guitarist Jasper pointing crowd and staring at the crowd? So damned funny.

Somewhere towards the middle end, Eddie jumped into the crowd. It was great. Thankfully I wasn't under him like Miss Modernage was the first night. I'm not quite sure how it happened, but whilst crowd-surfing Eddie's jeans somehow came down and he lost his belt.

Once he was wrangled back onto the stage (note the wrangler), he had to run backstage and pull up his trousers. And then I blinked and he was back in the crowd running around before getting back to singing.

After the raukous finale of 'Good Weekend', Eddie left the stage but the band played on, giving some stage time to drummer Mikey, and the rest of the band to get some pointing action in. It was a great evening. Next time Art Brut are in town, go see them and don't be a fool like me and only catch one show.
Check out Jerry Yeti at the 5/18 show with The Music Sluts and Miss Modernage, Amrit Village Indian and Chris Music Snob who were at the 5/17 show.

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