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CONTEST: Diplo Prize Pack

One lucky winner will receive two tickets for his upcoming Philly gig (November 14th @ Starlight Ballroom). He or she will also be the recipient of a limited edition Mad Decent hardshell case (designed by J. Chabot for a 15" MacBook).

E-mail us for a chance to snag both prizes!

A victor will be randomly chosen on 11/1.

View all dates on Diplo's fall trek here.

Visit Diplo on MySpace.

MP3: Radiohead - Reckoner (Diplo Mix)

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8 Questions With: Tally Hall

Following Friday's rousing set at Rehab, the Michigan based quintet dropped by The Rugby Store, where Jen got a chance to chat with Ross F. (percussionist) about a variety of topics.

1. What have you learned from being in the business?

Also, can you offer any advice to bands starting out?

It's really easy to get lost if you're caught up in too much of the "business" of everything. However, it's important to consider that of course, and to do everything you can to be active in promoting yourself and your music. The toughest part seems to be that the nature of the industry is such that things are always changing around, and the right move to make one month may be the wrong one the next. At that point, you need to just trust in the music you're making, and do what you really want to do. And if you succeed in that, the rest should fall into place.

2. How important is it for a band to come & play conferences like CMJ & SXSW?

Any opportunity to join in with your peers and perform, watch shows, converse, etc. it always a good. And there's no denying the fact that there are fun times to be had as well.

3. You were invited to play Lollapalooza this year which must have been amazing.

What is it like playing a festival that large?

It was certainly different than any other festivals we had played before. I was most impressed with how well coordinated everything was, and how well the festival was run in general. And of course it offered the opportunity to play for thousands of people who were all there because they wanted to spend their entire day enjoying music. I personally had a blast, got to talk to some artists that have been huge inspirations!

4. You recently made the move from Ann Arbor to New York. How are you finding it?

So far it has quickly become a very comfortable and exciting place to live and work on music. We found a great practice space that we enjoy spending time in and enjoy writing in, and what more could you ask for while embarking on your next album.

5. I've heard that you're currently writing your 2nd album. How is that going?

So far so good. I am confident that we will have a proud collection of songs to present.

6. Rugby likes to highlight different social action causes.

Do you have any special interest in a certain charity or cause?

It being almost election time, I should say I am always supportive of any organizations, bipartisan or otherwise, that move people to vote. It's tough sometimes when the electoral college system makes your vote seem meaningless, but everyone really should be making their voice heard. Our entire system of government is based on that fundamental principal, and we can't let laziness or apathy towards politics take anything away from that.

7. Tell me about your colors (each member has a different trademark tie which they wear at all gigs and in all press shots), how did that come about? Do you think it is important for a band to have a specific look?

The colors came up as a way to set ourselves apart from all of the other bands playing around campus. The idea of doing a little branding can go a long way in making your presence known. I don't necessarily think it's important that bands have a specific look, but something that people can refer to and say: "oh, it's the band that does this this this, or wears that". It can really help how well they remember you.

8. What was the highlight of CMJ 2008 for you?

For me it's really been the fact that so many of our friends our in town, be it bands or otherwise. It's nice that there was a reason for everyone to come in town the same weekend and play music together.

Visit Tally Hall on MySpace.

MP3: Tally Hall - Good Day

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CMJ 2008: Matt's Best Of Day 5

Sharon Van Etten (MySpace/MP3)

The Muggabears (MySpace/MP3)

PWRFL Power (MySpace/MP3)

Hayes Peebles (MySpace/MP3)

The Depreciation Guild (MySpace/MP3)

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CMJ 2008: Matt's Best Of Day 4

School Of Seven Bells (MySpace/MP3)

Tally Hall (MySpace/MP3)

The Seabellies (MySpace)

The Noisettes (MySpace/MP3)

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ATJ's CMJ 2008 Unofficial Showcase: NEW VENUE!

Tomorrow's impending T storms have caused us to relocate to... MARKET HOTEL (1142 Myrtle Avenue)!

The fabulous bill includes:

Fight Bite
High Places
The Homosexuals
Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson
Passion Pit
The Ruby Suns
Crystal Stilts

The party begins at NOON (and ends at SEVEN).

We can't wait to close out CMJ '08 with y'all!


MP3: Passion Pit - Sleepyhead

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CMJ 2008: Matt's Best Of Day 3 (Part 2)

Shad (MySpace/MP3)

White Lies (MySpace/MP3)

Wye Oak (MySpace/MP3)

Sharon Van Etten (MySpace/MP3)

Sebastien Grainger (MySpace/MP3)

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CMJ 2008: Matt's Best Of Day 3 (Part 1)

Bearsuit (MySpace)

Japanese Motors (MySpace/MP3)

Friendly Fires (MySpace/MP3)

Bridges & Powerlines (MySpace/MP3)

Phosphorescent (MySpace/MP3)

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CMJ 2008 Day 2: Matt's Discoveries

Motel Motel (MySpace)

The Muslims (MySpace/MP3)

Starfucker (MySpace/MP3)

The Depreciation Guild (MySpace/MP3)

The Beets (MySpace)

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The Gay Blades Record Daytrotter Session

Their recent set featured:

O Shot
Dog Day Afternoon
Mean Muses
Puppy Mills Presents

Download each & every track here.

Visit The Gay Blades on MySpace.

MP3: The Gay Blades - Plastic Jesus

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Keane Visits Jools Holland

Enjoy last night's wonderful take on 'The Lovers Are Losing' in the clip below.

MP3: Keane - Somewhere Only We Know

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The NY Times Reviews The Music Slut's CMJ 2008 Showcase

Other blog curated parties discussed include:

-Pop Tarts Suck Toasted
-Brooklyn Vegan

Read the full feature here.

MP3: Pattern Is Movement - Right Away

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Nous Non Plus Announces New LP

Brace yourself for Menagerie!

The set will see daylight on February 3rd.

It'll include a fabulous Unicorns cover (at bottom).

Official cover art to your right.

Visit Nous Non Plus on MySpace.

MP3: Nous Non Plus - Fantome Dur


CMJ 2008 Day 2: Matt's Old Faves

The Lisps (MySpace/MP3)

Drink Up Buttercup (MySpace/MP3)

Unicycle Loves You (MySpace/MP3)

Chairlift (MySpace/MP3)

That Fleeting World (MySpace)

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Lykke Li @ Bowery (CMJ): Look For The Swing

Absolutely magnetic! Fave TMS track of the evening: 'Breaking It Up'. Photos below.

MP3: Lykke Li - I'm Good I'm Gone (Metronomy Mix)

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Bloc Party Visits Jools Holland

Enjoy last night's glorious take on 'Mercury' in the clip below. MP3 at bottom.

MP3: Bloc Party - I Still Remember (Remix)

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Gentleman Auction House Records WOXY Lounge Session

Monday's set featured:

You And Me, Madly...
Call It Casual
I Sleep In A Bed Of Scissor Arms
The Book Of Matches
We Used To Dream About Bridges

Learn more about GAH here.

MP3: Gentleman Auction House - Live On WOXY

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The Verve Debuts New Video

Enjoy 'Rather Be' below. Download a classic Verve selection at bottom of post.

MP3: The Verve - Bitter Sweet Symphony

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Friendly Fires @ Bowery (CMJ): Twist & Shout

Another phenomenal set from UK based trio. Visit Friendly Fires on MySpace. Photos below.

MP3: Friendly Fires - Jump In The Pool

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The Music Slut's CMJ 2008 Showcase: Upstairs Pictorial

PWRFL Power, Lissy Trullie, Said The Whale, Emmy The Great, Shackeltons & Holy Moly.

MP3: PWRFL Power - It's Okay

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