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A NYC Raconteurs Secret

I know a secret about tomorrow night.

The Raconteurs are in town already and apparently the Irving show on the 7th isn't the only one they'll be doing. 20 lucky people have won tickets to a very secret show tomorrow night. I'm not sure if I can say where, but it doesn't much matter as I have been assured that there were only 20 passes and they have all been given out. Not even press are allowed in.

Update: Since it is all over, and my chances of being wacked for opening my mouth have dissipated, I might as well say where it was last night. 8pm at the Hit Factory. It was given by XM Satellite Radio and seen exclusively by 20 of their contest winners. Apparently the old NYC Radio djs Opie and Anthony, whom now work for XM after they were kicked off public radio, hosted the show. Must be nice to afford satellite radio and go to exclusive shows.

"As Danny mentioned in his update yesterday, the Opie and Anthony Show will return live TOMORROW, April 4th, once Anthony gets his stranded arse back from Puerto Rico. In the meantime, we're going to have tickets to giveaway for the exclusive RACONTEURS (Jack White's new band) show tomorrow night at The Hit Factory at 7pm. There are only a handful of tickets (around 20 or so), so listen closely to the show tomorrow for your chance to snag some. Opie and Anthony will be presenting the six-song performance, which will follow an interview with the band." from:

News from an audience member was that they were insanely awesome and that in person, Jack White is much taller and very handsome. He also sports a bald spot which he covers over with a small comb-over. Yikes.

In other Jack White news, go check out Amrit's tale of him being hugged by Jack on the LES. I laughed out loud when I read this. Amrit wasn't the only one to see him hanging around, there was a Jack White and his bald spot sighting at Houston and Bowery as well.



Blogger skye said...

First time ever, I'm not jealous.

Greece is awesome! At Delphi just now, and the Pythia is currently considering my question ('Will I ever be in a rock band and make millions?')

Anyway! I'm off to sun myself for a bit!

7:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh My God jack is hero is losing his strength he is Sampson ya know!!!

3:58 PM  
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