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The World Of B-Sides & Rarities, #755

Passenger - Umbrella

Another fabulous Rihanna cover.

Visit Passenger on MySpace.

MP3: Passenger - Umbrella

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

fantastic feature! loved this song before. now that a quality artist covers it, I don't have to be ashamed to love it.

12:28 AM  
Blogger william a said...

orly? i thought music slut could do better than this.

isn't passenger mike rosenberg? if memory serves, he had a song a few years back (philadelphia?) that dot allison remixed, but couldn't save from trudging mediocrity. man, i hate his voice. kind of like a british, male tracy chapman (yeah, shudder, right?).

similarly, this is crap.

instead, try mechanical bride's unspeakably gorgeous cover from december 2007. MUCH better.

hell, i ordered the mb single as soon as it was announced with no idea what song would be on it. when i got it in the post, i played it and was entranced. then, when i played it for one of my friends, they laughed and helpfully pointed out it was a cover. they sat me down and played the rhianna original, inducing mild nausea (is there a voice under all the digital processing? what, they couldn't get cher to sing it?) and peals of laughter. the songwriting team that put that gem together were geniuses. too bad they wasted it on that horrible tw*t. what a waste.

anyway, enjoy.

6:10 PM  

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